License12 is a SaaS platform for buyers to ease administration of software license contracts and to better negotiate new proposals.


Management of Expectations

It is widely understood what it means to have the first encounter. For negotiating your software agreement this means that you shape expectations with the sales representative by first mentioning a new procurement. That’s why every buyer will plan the approach and scope of information carefully before launching any request.

Depending on the tender process, it is a good practice to start into discussions with a deal volume that is actually lower than the plan. If the vendor is exclusive, this becomes even more important.

The vendor will, by all means, try to expand the volume by putting attractive terms on the table to increase your commitment. As long as you do not put your cards down, you can check such offers and modify your own directions.

In order to protect yourself against unreasonable expectations you need to follow a structured approach that is backed-up by reasonable arguments to provoke internal flexibility. As large deals may stretch across many weeks or months, the implementation of such structured methodology is indispensable.

Doctor-License can help you to prepare your procurement cycles accordingly to build up a robust routine.