License12 is a SaaS platform for buyers to ease administration of software license contracts and to better negotiate new proposals.


Do I Know the Facts?

Great negotiations require in-depth knowledge. Market price certainly are part of that knowledge. To receive meaningful benchmarks you can nowadays utilize internet service provider who provide data that can be customized to your own context. 

That's why Doctor-License is collaborating with the software procurement  platform License12 that can support configurable scenarios. The customer can  digitalize  on not only the last vendor offer, but virtually his complete procurement history.  With that, he can draw recent benchmark data on contract and on item level for a number of vendors. 

But how do such benchmarks help?

First and foremost, you can get discounting comps for your new license contract. For more detail, you can select specific items to analyze their effective pricing in a graphic panel. This can be extremely useful if the vendor considers your investment into such licenses desirable. If you find a broad pricing spread beyond your own proposal, you can adjust your negotiations and ask for more agressive terms.

Customers may register for License12 at favorable rates by reference to  Doctor-License. Use the contact button for more details.