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Communications Strategy

Connections to a strategic vendors may be multi-fold in a large enterprise. Those who generate demand, the business units and also IT and procurement have regular communications with various vendor contacts. If the vendor has an active participation in the implementation and applications planning, he has an all-time view behind the scenes. That’s where an effective control of communications of commercial facts (budget, schedules) is of the essence. It may be appropriate to build contrasting best-case and worst-case scenarios. Which version to share will be a matter of best purpose.  

How diverse an un-controlled proliferation of licensing plans might get, is shown in the Garter study:
'Negotiating the Software License Agreement: Don't Do this at the Golf Course' of my former colleague Jane Disbrow. Briefing your management may become a key element in managing your procurement cycle.

In order to implement clear communication guidelines you may consult your corporate compliance officer who guards the governance. At the end of the day, everyone in your organization has to learn to speak with one voice. Doctor-License can audit your communication set-up and help remove weaknessesin that respect.