License12 is a SaaS platform for buyers to ease administration of software license contracts and to better negotiate new proposals.


Make Best Use of Shelf Ware

For perpetual licenses, you might be facing one of the following phenomena:

  • Being oversold by the vendor
  • Having changed your operational scope yielding obsolete licenses
  • Having stopped the implementation of specific software yielding overhead licenses
  • Having chosen a competitor solution or migrated to SaaS for easier implementation

All the above leave you with licenses that you have paid for and that you pay maintenance for, unless you have made fore-sighted provisions in the contract to revert the deal.

In such situation, Doctor License supports you in selling obsolete licenses to the broad market for used software which has been legalized by the verdict of the European court in 2012, for most contractual settings. Otherwise, Doctor License will help you to apply the vendors' allowances to settle such investment flaws or to set up the leverage for the next negotiation make a point in full compensation for such licenses, or for the maintenance at least.